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"Captivating! Bombastic!"

"Beautiful Performance!"

"Simply breathtaking!"

"Ingenious and fantastic!"


"Incredible! Dramatic!"

"Video Games Live is a feast for the eyes and ears!”

“A digital and musical sensory overload!”

“Incredibly compelling, powerful and emotional.”

“Brilliant! Infectious! An eclectic mix of the fun, the classical and the grand.”

“Uplifting and exciting!”

“Proof that game music is just as majestic as any other orchestral tune”

"An extravaganza of gaming music!"

"An Electric Twist on Symphonies"

"The energy of a rock concert"

"Unbridled, uncouth enthusiasm"

"An Ode to Joysticks! Fantastic!"

"Truly fantastic!"

"Amazing talent coming together and creating interactive experiences"

"Storytelling through music"

"Wonderful talent!"

"Seamless and natural yet emotional and complete"

"Memorable video montages, breathtaking lights, and special effects"

"A unique experience is an understatement"

"Extravagant, immersive event!"

"A special night to remember"

"Experience video games like you’ve not experienced them before"