Legendary Artist Don Bluth at Video Games Live Phoenix!

Legendary Artist Don Bluth Takes Part in Video Games Live Phoenix Shows
Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace Creator Shares Insights on Stage and Attends Meet & Greet
Video Games Live had the distinct honor to welcome legendary artist Don Bluth to the stage at the recent VGL shows in Phoenix/Mesa Arizona.  Mr. Bluth worked on such Disney classics as Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood & Pete's Dragon before forming his own studio and creating other timeless masterpieces including The Land Before Time, The Secret of NIMH, Thumbelina, Anastasia, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Titan A.E. & An American Tail with Steven Spielberg. 

In the video game world he is best known for creating one of the most popular arcade video games in history… Dragon’s Lair.  Dragon’s Lair was the first game to charge 50 cents and is one of three historic arcade games that appears in the Smithsonian Institute alongside Pac-Man & Pong.  It was considered a historic achievement because of the interactive laserdisc technology it used which was so far ahead of it’s time.  Dragon’s Lair was also the very first video game to ever use and record a live orchestra!  The team quickly followed up with Space Ace & Dragon’s Lair II.  Both Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace appear in the "Classic Arcade Medley" during Video Games Live.
Joined by Mr. Bluth was his business partner and fellow animator Gary Goldman.  They both took the stage with VGL co-creator and host Tommy Tallarico and told stories about how they created Dragon’s Lair and others.  Afterwards all ticket holders got the opportunity to meet Mr. Bluth & Mr. Goldman as well as getting autographs and pictures taken during the post-show meet & greet.
Video Games Live would like to thank Mr. Bluth & Mr. Goldman for their time and to all the people who came out to the shows in support of video game music.