Thousands Attempt To Get Tickets To No Avail – Next Stop CHICAGO!

Video Games Live™, the world’s first and most successful video game concert series continued its run of sold out shows last week by selling out Jones Hall in Houston, TX with the prestigious Houston Symphony & Choir.  Over 132+ musicians took part in the biggest on-stage performance of video game music ever.  The show sold out 5 days in advance and thousands of people had to be turned away prior to the event including nearly 1,000 people on the day of the show.  “I’ve never seen the excitement level and crowd like this here before!” stated one proud mom who was taking a group of neighborhood kids to experience a symphony for the first time.  One audience member was quoted in the newspaper the next day saying… “I’ve been to a few different game concerts now but nothing compares to what these guys are pulling off.  Wow!  I still can’t believe what I saw.”

The doors opened 2 hours early for the incredible pre-show festival which included a costume contest (all entrants appeared on stage), prize give-a-ways, Guitar Hero II competition and over 20 playable games for the PlayStation 2, XBOX, XBOX 360 & GameCube including such franchises as Halo, Super Smash Bros., Kingdom Hearts, Medal of Honor, Sonic, Zelda, Tekken & Dead Or Alive, all courtesy of Game Crazy & Hollywood Video.  Yet another $2,500 AMD Ferrari laptop was given away on stage to the winner of the Frogger competition in which 2 people were picked to compete in Frogger while the orchestra played the music in real-time and changed the score on-the-fly depending on the action on screen.  Other valuable prizes including CD & DVD gift packs, concert tickets, movie passes, gift certificates and more (provided by the Houston Symphony, Hollywood Video & Game Crazy) were given away during the Space Invaders contest in which someone from the audience was picked to come on stage to try and clear the first level of Space Invaders against the clock.  But here’s the twist!  The player on stage controlled the ship by running back and forth underneath the video screen all while the orchestra played and changed to the action!

Following the incredible standing ovation performance, the packed post-show lobby held the game designers and composers meet & greet which as always was open “free of charge” to all attendees.  The meet & greet included industry legends who had worked on such projects as Halo, Warcraft, Metroid Prime, Myst, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, EverQuest II, Earthworm Jim, Unreal, Balder’s Gate, Quake, Doom, Brothers in Arms, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Splinter Cell & God of War just to name a few.

Lee Ann Leung (sister of Video Game Pianist Martin Leung) debuted her rendition of a 10 song solo piano arrangement from Final Fantasy to a standing ovation from the sold out crowd.  “I was in tears after her performance” stated one audience member, “In fact there were a couple of places during the concert where I cried.  I’m just so speechless right now.”  Advent Rising vocal soloist Laurie Robinson was also on hand to perform with the 60 member Houston Symphony Choir. 

Thank-you to our amazing sponsors and supporters which included AMD, Game Crazy, Hollywood Video, Logitech, International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Texas Independent Game Conference and all of the old and new fans and friends of video game music who came out to support the art and culture of the entire video game industry.  And finally, a special thanks to the wonderful Houston Symphony and Choir who helped so much in making the event such a huge success.  We look forward to returning next year!


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Comments & reviews from Houston:

“The show was absolutely every inch incredible, this is no doubt untoppable and I am so very grateful that I was able to attend.”

“I was at the VGL session that just happened in Houston last week.  It was beyond words!  I loved it.  I have not shut up about it all weekend long.  My friends are probably sick of hearing me.  Very rarely do I get goosebumps from seeing something that intense, but I had them all night long.”

“It was truly one of the best things I'd ever witnessed.  A 130 member orchestra and choir performing video game music, synched-up perfectly with edited game footage. Incredible!”

“At the end, conductor Jack Wall dropped his conducting wand and went ballistic and jumped off his platform to signal the end of the last note.  The crowd, and I, jumped to our feet and screamed and applauded as loud as we could.  The show was over... and holy hell, I already missed it.”

“It was one of the greatest events I've ever attended, and certainly made my whole summer, if not year.”

“This deserves over 5 stars!  How they synch EVERYTHING with the video is utterly amazing!!”

“My sister-in-law's family are season patrons of the Houston Symphony and they told me the VGL audience response was the best they have ever seen for any event.”

“You guys deserve another standing ovation for what you have been able to accomplish with VGL.  You were able to create a unique experience that no one in that concert hall (young or old) will ever forget.”

“I just wanted to write you to say that it was a great honor to have you all in Texas. The night couldn't have been more perfect, and the enthusiasm shown by the whole VGL crew was incredible.”

“The Houston Symphony received what must have been their longest and loudest standing ovation EVER!”

“As we were leaving, my mother said to me, "I'm so glad you dragged me along to this." Before, she didn't realize what video games music meant, thought it was just beeps to the action.  The concert showed her that video games are an art form in many different ways, with music being the most unique.  For me, it was a moment where I could hold my head high and say, "I am a video gamer."  I left that concert hall with a new sense of what is put into the video games I play.  I traveled with my family about 200 miles to see a 3 hour concert... and I didn't regret one millisecond of it.  If a VGL concert is within traveling distance for you, you must see it.  This is one of the most entertaining events I've ever witnessed.  Thank you Video Games Live!”

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