Video Games Live™ ROCKS Philly!!

Philly concert a huge success & VGL debuts Guitar Hero II to the public for the first time!

The headlines the following morning in the biggest city newspaper (Philadelphia Inquirer) read... "Crowd is wowed by awe-inspiring Video Games Live".  We couldn't have asked for a more suitable heading!  The crowd in Philadelphia was one of the loudest and most excited yet.  Maybe because it was the first video game concert ever in Philly?  Or maybe because the east coast never seems to get things like Video Games Live in their area?  Whatever the case, it turned out to be yet another amazing and magical night thanks to all the incredible audience members who came out to enjoy the show!
Some of the surprises during the Philly performance included... the debut of the new Space Invaders segment where we randomly pick someone out of the crowd to come up on stage to play Space Invaders while the orchestra plays the music and changes the tempo as the ships get closer and closer!  Oh yeah... one twist!  The person on stage only has 2 minutes to clear the screen and THEY control the movement of the ship by running back and forth under the screen!!!  It was a huge hit with the packed crowd.
It was also the first time that Guitar Hero II was premiered to the general public!  During the pre-show festival, audience members had a chance to check out Guitar Hero II which isn't being released until later this year!  People competed for prizes including a new signed limited edition Guitar Hero skateboard.
The costume contest winner was dressed as "Rude" from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and took away a portable DVD player w/screen.  The Frogger competition once again went over great and the winner walked off the stage with a $2,500 Ferrari laptop computer courtesy of AMD!!
Internet piano playing sensation Martin Leung wowed the crowd with his incredible Final Fantasy piano arrangement which once again garnished him a long standing ovation.  Martin also came back for the final encore to play his Mario Bros & Super Mario World arrangement (did we mention he was blindfolded!).  And speaking of encores & standing ovations...  Guitar Hero god Marcus Henderson (who recorded most of the guitar tracks for Guitar Hero & Guitar Hero II) got up on stage and delighted the crowd by playing a Guitar Hero medley while the entire audience acted as the percussion section.  Marcus also had fun playing against (or should we say BEATING) members of the crowd at Guitar Hero before the show and during intermission.
Audience members were lined up for hours after the show for the FREE meet & greet with game composers and designers.  Some of the big names in attendance included Jason Hayes (Warcraft), Michael Salvatori (Halo), Gerard Marino (God of War) & Tom Salta (Ghost Recon) to name a few.  Many members also came up on stage after their segment to give some insight about the project.
Thank-you to everyone who attended the show and is helping to keep the dream alive!  Next stop.... HOUSTON!!  This will be the first game concert of its kind in the fine state of Texas.  Special thanks to Wizard World for helping us to present the show, the amazing VGL Street Team members who we got to know very well over the weekend and a special thanks to father of five... Chris Tripoli who was a fan of what we were doing so much that he spent hours and hours of his own free time to help us promote the show!  Ryan Morrison and his amazing Street Team crew who let EVERYONE at the Wizard World convention know about VGL!  Jon Bass from Game Stop and Darryl Solomon from Game Crazy who also helped to spread the news and lend a helping hand.  The GoNintendo crew, OC Remix community, Advanced Media Network folks, Gamehead/Spike TV and Chris from Joystiq all helped to make it an incredibly enjoyable weekend.  And finally... Paul Levering & Paul Owens, two amazing film makers who documented and captured our ENTIRE week on film!  The next trailers to come out will be focused on the "behind-the-scenes" action as well as the fans of video game music!
To view pics from the event please check out:
There were again some amazing and descriptive reviews and press coverage of the event which we would like to share with everyone.
Some of our favorite quotes from the articles...
"Crowd is wowed by awe-inspiring Video Games Live" - Philadelphia Inquirer
"Video Games Live is not to be missed. It's mix of performance, synchronization, production, and fan-pleasing fun is an experience unlike any yet seen by the industry." - Advanced Media Network
"I strongly urge each and every one of you to go out and support VGL. You will not regret it, and I promise that you will come away with personal experiences that you will never forget." - GoNintendo
"It was breathtaking!  The applause were so loud I thought the building would crumble.  It's the #1 video game concert in the world.  It was truly amazing!" - FollowingRevolution
“It's hard to describe the electric energy that is present at every show. From the pre-show festivities, to the dramatic top-notch production values, to the wildly enthusiastic crowds, VGL is just something that needs to be experienced first-hand in order to appreciate what all the excitement is about.” - Jason Hayes, composer Warcraft series
"An explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience." - Music4Games
Thanks!  Hope to see you all soon at Video Games Live!
Tommy & Jack

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