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Since our first new show of 2006 at the sold out San Jose Civic Auditorium, Video Games Live has been receiving rave reviews from the press and fans.
The newest review from Advanced Media Network can be found HERE and includes exclusive video segments taken from the San Jose performance which include the entire Classic Arcade Medley as well as Metal Gear Solid.  The videos also show parts of the pre-show festival which included a Guitar Hero competition, costume contest and special character appearances by Sonic the Hedgehog and Frogger.  One of the most interesting videos is the post-show interviews with just some of the amazing designers and composers we had during the meet & greet (including a full interview with Tommy).
Another recent review from GameDaily can be found here:


Video Games Live has assembled the most prolific game designers and composers in the industry to attend our meet & greets and performances.  Never before have this many industry professionals come together to support and celebrate with the fans.  In San Jose & the Hollywood Bowl we had over 30 industry personalities on hand who have helped to shape the video game industry.  Amazing designers and creators like Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) & Yuji Naka (Sonic the Hedgehog) to Nolan Bushnell (Pong, Atari), the entire Halo team and David Jaffe (Twisted Metal, God of War).  And lets not forget the incredible composers like Marty O’Donnell (Halo) and Jason Hayes (World of Warcraft) to Michael Giancchino and Will Littlejohn (Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution).  Even Koji Kondo (Mario, Zelda) joins us each night with a greeting from his studio in Japan.  Some shows even have celebrities like Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man, X-Men) and Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings) who join us to help celebrate the amazing industry of video games.  We are constantly updating the Meet & Greet section of our website so please check back often.  Keep in mind that every ticket holder gets to take part in our meet & greet free of charge.  We do NOT charge a high premium like other video game concerts.