Video Games Live prepares for an exciting 2006!

To Our Supporters;

A lot of people have been writing in and asking us about the current status of Video Games Live and what our plans are for 2006.  We have all been very hard at work planning a bunch of shows for this coming year.  Since becoming independent we have been carefully planning our new strategy and have been partnering with some amazing organizations and companies to ensure the future success of Video Games Live. 

It has been quite an incredible journey for us over the last four years and we’ve certainly had our ups and downs.  From putting on the biggest video game concert in the world during our debut show at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Philharmonic… to having to announce the cancellation of most of our dates later that fall.  It certainly has been quite an emotional ride for everyone here.

But never for a moment have we ever given up the dream to bring the most incredible game music in the world along with an incredible cutting-edge experience to the masses.

After much planning and strategizing we are now ready to achieve our goal and launch our dream once again.  Over the next 3 months we will be announcing something new each and every Monday which includes new tour dates, exclusive videos, interviews, special offers, mp3’s, articles and other exciting announcements.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to sign up to our mailing list.  We now have a new system in place where we can target e-mails and special offers to people by their area.  Before we announce a show to the public we will announce to everyone here first which will help to ensure the best seating available.  We also offer and notify you of special things like coming down to our rehearsals beforehand, backstage pre-show party access, free merchandise, special meet & greet privileges, etc. (each show and location will vary).  We have already had a very positive response from our Bay Area community in regards to the rehearsal viewing and free program offer during our upcoming show at the Game Developers Conference on Friday, March 24th.  We intend on building a strong community of supporters in the years to come and really want to make everyone feel as special as possible for helping to support the cause and sticking by us through thick and thin.  If anyone has any questions for Tommy, Jack or Becky please feel free to stop by our forums – which have recently been upgraded.

As video game composers our goal is to raise awareness for the music and the industry which has brought us so much joy during our careers.  Video Games Live proves to the world that video games are not just a passing fad or a child’s toy.  Video games have become the entertainment of choice for the 21st century and have evolved into our culture as a serious art and form of entertainment.  I hope you will all come out and enjoy Video Games Live… our electrifying celebration of the video game industry!

Tommy & Jack