Grammy Nomination!

Christopher Tin's Civilization IV Song "Baba Yetu" Nominated for a Grammy!

First Video Game Song Ever Nominated

Song Featured in Video Games Live Performances, CD's, DVD, Blu-Ray & PBS Special

Composer Christopher Tin has been nominated for a Grammy Award for his hit song "Baba Yetu" which has appeared in Video Games Live since 2006 (debuted at the Hollywood Bowl) and was a big part of the Video Games Live PBS Special as well as the subsequent CD, DVD & Blu-Ray currently on the Billboard Charts. (VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 2).  The song originally appeared as the opening song for Sid Meiers' PC hit Civilization IV.  Aside from VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 2, the song also appears on Tin's classical/world fusion album ‘Calling All Dawns’ which has also been nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Classical Crossover Album" category.  This nomination marks the first time ever that music written for a video game has received Grammy recognition.

Composer Christopher Tin said, "The fact that this song has had a life outside of the game is owed almost entirely to Video Games Live.  They were the first to bring this music to concert stages around the world and to places I had never dreamed possible."  Video Games Live CEO Tommy Tallarico added, "We're so proud of Christopher's nomination and what he has accomplished.  This historic moment will continue to bridge the gap between mainsteam music and video games.  It is an honor to perform his music in our show."

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