Seattle and Vancouver Shows a Major Success for VGL

Video Games Live Update:

Our shows in Seattle and Vancouver on Oct 29th and 30th respectively were a smash with fans waiting over 2 hours in the meet and greet lines afterwards. It has been such a pleasure to work on this concert series with so many talented people for such an enthusiastic audience.

We wanted to give a little insight to everyone on what it was like to put on the shows so we each composed a diary of our experiences which not only talks about the shows themselves, but also gives a little insight about the recent tour cancellation and the future plans for Video Games Live:

Tommy’s diary:

Jack’s diary:

Becky’s diary:

...and to our audience...

Link to the newspaper review of the Seattle show:

Scanned newspaper articles on VGL in Seattle & Vancouver:

Pictures from the Seattle show:

Pictures from the Vancouver show:

We would like to thank you all so much for all your kind wishes of support for Video Games Live continuing on to your town. The best news is that we are currently in the planning stages of several shows in the works for 2006. More on that very soon!


Tommy and Jack

P.S.: Here’s more feedback from people who came:

Excerpts from letters we received about the Seattle & Vancouver shows:

"A great evening of music and memories. The music was great the non-musical portions were great, even the video guests were well presented. I sat with my son remembering the games we played together as he grew up and the games we play now. Awesome family experience.  I hope this becomes a returning show, as I would like to see it again. Thanks for the excellent evening."

"Wow... I cannot express how amazing the show was! me and my girlfriend loved it!! Thanks Tommy for signing my program!! Hell, thank you and everyone else involved for putting together such an amazing show! Don't worry! One day, the rest of the country will experience the genius that is Video Games Live!!  THANKS AGAIN FOR AN AMAZING TIME!"

"That was just... wow. Amazing!  Me and my friends cornered Tommy before he got inside and had a chat with him about OCRemix and the Chrono Symphonic CD. I got a hug (and an autograph) from him! *fanboys over it and drools*.  Definitely coming back next year. Best night of my life."

"Thank you so much for making this happen. The show tonight in Seattle was awesome. A tear came to my eye as I heard Tim Larkin's "Gallery Theme" from Uru being sung live. It was so incredibly beautiful. I simply loved the music from Myst III and IV.  I really had a blast at the preshow, and I wish I could've stuck around for the Meet and Greet. Anyway, thanks again -- this concert was one of the coolest things I've ever been to. I hope it happens again in the future. Best of luck!"

"VGL: one of the greatest nights in my life EVER. I still remember screaming out "DIG DUG!!" as everyone else was screaming "HALO!!". That was so much fun. I also made some new friends there, so that was cool too. Can't wait until VGL 2K6 to make even more new friends and meet up with some of the ones I had made this year."
"VGL in ten words or less: "Unfreakin Believable!!!!"
"Sunday night's VGL performance has got to be one of the best performances I've ever seen.  The music and video clips had so much variety and I learned about some new franchises and their music. I never thought I'd see Myst again, especially in a concert.  I'm looking forward to future performances."
"OMFG!!!  I just got home awhile ago from VGL in Seattle. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  Metal Gear Solid, my goodness...surprised I didn’t have a  The interactive frogger I would have to say was my fav.  Tommy, Jack, Becky, and all the others, AWESOME job. I am definitely coming back next time, and bringing even MORE friends."

"Yeah, so much fun last night. It was so cool meeting everyone, and the music was fantastic.  One of the best nights of my life. Who knew that there could be so many video game music fans in one place?"

"Aside from losing my virginity, it's probably gonna be one of the best nights of my life."

"Video Games Live isnt like any other concert, It's like everyone there is family and we all like to play video games and hear video games. VGL Ruled in Seattle and I will be going next Year!  Peace out guys, Great Job!"

"OMG! Tommy, Jack and Becky are officially my favorite people in the world!  The show couldn't have been more amazing.  It was perhaps one of the best concerts I have been to in a long time!  Thanks again! You guys ROCK and should be proud!!"
"Awesome!!!! I'll come back next year with my buds!  You guys rule! LONG LIVE VGL!"

"The costume contest was great, the show was *awesome* and the meet and greet was a blast!! It's after midnight and we're still psyched up! A huge heartfelt *Thank You* to Becky, Tommy, Jack and everyone else who made this possible. Can't wait to tell everyone I know about it--it was a night we will never forget!"

"VGL Is the best thing that ever happened to me."

"That was, indeed, an awesome show. Loved the Old School Medley, MGS, Halo... I loved it ALL!!! Such an excellent show.  Can't wait until VGL 2006!!"
"I have been waiting for this show for a long time!!! And I was very impressed!  God of War was great! I loved the lighting for it! I found the footage in the Medal of Honor segment to be as moving as the music itself. So many classic games were featured and paid their rightful respect. When this comes together for the next round, I will be there to see the next phase in the evolution. All I can say to Becky, Tommy, and Jack is "Keep this thing goin! You have done a great job, and I know you will continue to make this show better because you listen to the fans... Thank you."
"Oh man .. I had the most wonderful time last night ...  It seriously rocked my socks ... this last week at school my friends like "Hey, wanna go to this concert at the Paramount with me?" and I'm like what's it called and he's like "Video Games Live" and in my head I'm like what the crap is that. well .. little did I know .. lol So yesterday before I left .. I was in search to try to find more info on this thing. I came to this site ... and DANG was I impressed.  This is a truly awesome event and I WILL be goin next year! Especially now that I know a hecka lot more about it.  Thanks for the great times last night .. looking forward to more!"
"Think of how far Tommy and Jack have gotten so far, it's amazing!! Nobody else could have done this amount of work to get the tour going!!  To me it's a success because they have achieved the most success anybody has done in making video game music tours. Nobody else has done it to this extent, so automatically Video Games Live earns the top place on the so-called "High Score List"
"It's refreshing to see first-hand the gaming population congregate in one venue. Sure, I've seen stuff about E3, TGL, and others, but when you get the chance to be a part of it, it feels so much greater."
"I had such a blast last night! I'm still bouncy this morning. Ive heard less riot at a football game than the noise we made for the Frogger competition! YEAH NICK! WOOOOO!"
"The concert was kick-ass. I actually had tears in my eyes twice (Beyond Good and Evil and Medal of Honor), and left feeling filled with joy. The interactive Frogger thing was sweet.  Even though I'm tired after driving again today, it was all worth it. I didn't get a chance to go to the Meet and Greet but I do thank Becky, Tommy, Jack, and everyone else for doing such a wonderful job.  I will definitely do what I can to help Video Game Live in the future."
"The Retro medley part was AMAZING, as was Warcraft, Halo, all those staples. The real highlight for me, though, was Myst, and I've never even played any of the games. Absolutely amazing music, I was blown away.  I was absolutely blown away by a lot of the performances, and yes I loved the Frogger part. It was an excellent time."
"Man...... I already miss Video Games Live, LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME YOU GUYS!!!!! IM A FANATIC!!!!!"
Links to what the crowd had to say about VGL in Seattle and Vancouver:

A crowd members blog about the event: