William Morris Agency to Book First Ever Video Games Concert Tour

Marc Geiger, Sr. Vice President at The William Morris Agency, will head the booking effort to put Video Games Live in cities across North America for the 2005-06 concert season. A veteran in the field of rock and specialty concert tours, Geiger was co-founder of the critically acclaimed and mega-successful Lollapalooza tour; a package that forever changed the concert touring industry.
Geiger, a true digital music visionary, has always been at the forefront in spotting trends where technology and music intersect. As Vice-Chairman and President of ARTISTdirect, Inc, he earned the title “Internet Revolutionary” by being instrumental, as well as being among the first, in bringing the music industry to the net. Over the years, he has been many things - concert promoter, talent agent, record company executive, computer whiz and internet music mogul. Today, Marc Geiger brings the power of The William Morris Agency to help make Video Games Live another quantum leap for the touring industry.

“Whether you're an investor, a promoter, or even a seasoned concert go-er, you can't miss the underground giant swelling of the video game industry. My job is to smell the dramatic loyalty and fervor that video games are having on youth culture, and the music of these games is a large and growing component. Jack And Tommy have come up with the killer idea to merge music, video games, and concert performance. This tour will be huge for promoters, video game and music fans alike.”

Mr. Geiger and the William Morris Agency are currently booking the first Video Games Live tour for the 2005-06 concert season. Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates.