Huge Success In Utah!


Over 6,500 People Attend Utah Debut Performances

Developer Makes Special Live Announcement On Stage About New “Best-Sellers List” Project!

Video Games Live has once again solidified the video game industry and helped to show the masses how culturally significant and artistic video games and their music have become.  The debut performances with over 100 musicians on stage including the Utah Symphony and Snow College Cadence Choir were attended by over 6,500 people last weekend and the amazing reviews and audience member comments have been pouring in ever since.  Some called it "the greatest night of our lives" while others referred to the show as "simply stunning and beautiful, a truly fantastic treat for everyone... gamer or not!" 

The SOLD OUT Thursday evening Ogden show at the Browning Fine Arts Center on the Weber University campus (GO WILDCATS!) preceded two more performances in Salt Lake City at Abravanel Hall.  On Saturday evening, special guest Donald Mustard (Advent Rising creator/designer/writer) from Chair Entertainment announced on stage for the first time that he is working with Salt Lake City native best-selling sci-fi author Orson Scott Card on a new video game series based on his best selling books “Enders Game”.

The post-show Meet & Greet consisted of a total of 24 different game industry professionals including designers, artists, composers, producers and programmers from such games as Earthworm Jim, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Metroid Prime, Advent Rising, Spider-Man, Time Crisis, Unreal 2, Myst III, Myst IV, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell, Jade Empire, Bloodrayne, Super Star Wars, Starcraft: Brood War, Rainbow Six series, The Simpsons, Space Quest IV, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest 3, Knuckles Chaotix, FIFA '98 thru FIFA 2001, Tak Series, Chicken Little, Meet The Robinsons, Hanna Montana, Need for Speed, Gauntlet Legends, Van Helsing, Van Helsing, Pac-Man: World Rally, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Street Fighter II Turbo, Amped Series, Prince of Persia - Arabian Nights, Rugrats, NCAA 2K2, NBA Jam, Turok, Legends of Wrestling 1 - 3, Wrath Unleashed, Mark Echo's Getting Up, Snoopy VS The Red Baron, Bee Movie, Hot Wheels, Motor Mayhem, Redline, Links 2004, Legends of Wrestling, WWF: In Your House/Warzone/Attitude, NBA Jam Extreme, Crimson Skies, MechWarrior/MechAssault, Warhawk, Twisted Metal Series, Jet Moto Series, War of the Monsters, DownHill Domination, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, Half-Life: Firearms mod & Monster Truck Madness 3.

The following are comments, reviews, pictures and videos from the Utah performances...


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“It's one of the few times in my life that I've been very happy.”

“My sister and I didn’t know what to expect but we can honestly say that it was one of the greatest nights of our lives!”

“After hearing all of the positive word of mouth about Video Games Live, my expectations were pretty high yet they STILL exceeded them and blew me away!”

“My wife and I haven’t been gamers since the early 80’s.  Video Games Live brought back many happy memories and was simply stunning and beautiful, a truly fantastic treat for everyone… gamer or not!”

“I’ve never seen such a diverse set of people at the symphony before.”

“Great evening of entertainment. I’d recommend it to anybody.”

"It was a concert like none I’ve ever seen before, and everyone who I’ve spoken with loved it."

“To have the Utah Symphony give two acts of video-game music life in a place other than the TV was nothing short of a rush.”

“By the end of the show, the symphony did exactly what narrator and game composer and "Video Game Live!" co-founder Tommy Tallarico said it would do — "Show how culturally significant video games and video game music is in the world today."

"Thank you for coming to Salt Lake.  That was the greatest night of my life and I can't wait till next year.  I'm serious, I've actually had dreams about it.  Weird huh?  Anyway, Tommy, Jack, and the Utah Symphony and Opera did an excellent job. The music was played beautifully.  A COMPLIMENT to the video game industry."

“With each piece of music, there were cheers of approval.  And the musicians had members of the audience guessing what would come next.  Here's hoping the show will become an annual event here in Utah.”

“Imagine being a total video game fan and being surrounded by thousands of equally fanatic grown-ups and kids all screaming and cheering at Abravanel Hall, and you will know the delight that I experienced this weekend.”

“Wow!   We had SUCH a great time!  Not just my family and I, but a bunch of guys from the office too.  Loved the show, loved the compositions, loved the orchestra, loved the choir, loved the piano, loved the guitar, loved the female soloists, loved the lighting, loved the audience bits, loved the on stage camera work, loved the game footage, loved the WWII footage, loved the head-banger cellist, loved the whole thing.”

“Thank you for bringing such a class act to Salt Lake City.  We talked about it all weekend.  People are talking about it at work today.  Everyone hopes for a repeat performance next year.  Maybe you’ll have to schedule 4-5 shows next time around!”

"The producers of Video Games Live are brilliant.  I really have a new respect for Video Games."

“Thank you for coming to Salt Lake City!  The music was incredible, the sound was gorgeous, and the performance was mind blowing and inspiring!”

“It's big guys like you, that give us little guys hope.  You have inspired me and my brothers,  thanks a million once again, I hope to see the show next year and hope to be in the video game industry very soon!”

“I took a non-gamer on a date to this, and it was a big success. Overall, amazing!”

“It was one of the most breathtaking and beautiful productions I've ever seen.”

“I am not a gamer and I enjoyed myself whole heartedly.  I think that this sort of production is essential to keeping music alive for this texting, gaming, facebooking, multi-tasking, and often short attention spanned generation.”

“This production was amazing and I hope that it is an annual event in Utah.  Whether you know these games or not, this was a truly fascinating performance and one I will be recommending to all I know when they come again!  My hats off to Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall. And also that amazing pianist Martin Leung! WOW!”

“Fantastic Concert, enjoyed it with my friends and hope that it returns soon!  I loved attending and hearing some of my favorite music performed live.  I would go and see it again and again, hands down!  I hope that next time they come I can get into the cosplay contest at the festival before hand as well as bring more of my family and friends. Thank you Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall for bringing your show here, Utah Loves Video Games Live!”

“Woot! Video Games Live FTW!!!”

 “…it was awesome, and would have been appreciated by any music lover…”

“VGL Salt Lake had all the star power where it really counts.  It was odd enough seeing Abravanel Hall’s gold leaf balconies lit up with laser-lights, not to mention kids and adults alike cat-calling and howling like they were at a rock concert.

“The thing I was most impressed with was the light show.  It’s here I’ve really got to give props to the tech team.  They have to be some kind of skilled/crazy to be able to set up and take down all of this equipment and get to a new venue the next morning.  And with the way the show ran, you’d think they had all the time in the world to set up.”

“It was wicked to say the least!  Maximum kudos to VGL.”

“VGL was everything I ever wanted to come to Utah.  The geekdom, the music, the performance!  I can’t wait for them to come back, and if I can talk someone (ANYONE) into going down to Comic-Con again, I’ll be going again.”

"All in all it was quite a show and definitely something I would see again."

"It was a great, great, concert.  The music to video games is incredible.  During intermission I overheard an older couple - yes, there were actually the stereotypical "upper crust" season ticket holders there - commenting that she had no idea that video games had such beautiful music.  I must admit, I was really amazed and impressed at the music.  I'd actually go out and buy some of it if I knew where to get it."

"It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen."

"There are so many parts to this show that were just so amazing."

"Wow.  Just wow.  Video Games Live was an truly exultant experience.  It was phenomenal show and it is not at all surprising how many shows you are selling out.  Congratulations on heading up such an exceptional, earth-shaking enterprise."

“Thanks for the wonderful experience of attending the Video Games Live concert.  It was very impressive.  You have really out done yourselves.  I found it professional, fun, and extremely entertaining.  My kids had a fabulous time as well.”

"Video Games Live is AWESOME and I totally plan to go next year, and encourage everyone else to do so.  It's totally worth the price of admission!"

"This was the best concert I've ever been to, it's classical music with direction and purpose, and a bit of rock-n-roll.  I will be coming back next year!"

Thanks to everyone in Utah who was able to come out and celebrate the video game industry with us!  We hope to see you next year!